Thursday April 3 2014

Phyllis Furumoto

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This is an encore show from November 2012 and was a step in my process of opening to the calling of Reiki.
At the end of my tour of South America, I was privileged to speak to a group of about 100 students and masters in Santiago Chile. The topic question was "What is the future of Reiki?" Combining many of my main themes, I was able to communicate moving from being self referenced to including the world community, moving from being a helper and a fixer to being of service, and moving into the next stage of development for this practice we call Reiki.

In my travels through the world of Reiki, I meet many people. All of them have great stories, profound insights given through their practice with Reiki, and inspiring experiences. It is my joy to be able to share these with you through the interviews. Should you have an impulse to know more or have direct contact with the person being interviewed, their email address or web site address is included. I am grateful for the willingness of these students of Reiki to share with you a glimpse of their Reiki path.

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