Friday March 28 2014

Phyllis Furumoto

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In the 1980's, many new age slogans were going around the community such as "We are all One" "We are all connected"
"Connect to the Earth as if it were your mother." These fell into the category of slogans because she did not have experience of oneness and connection to give life to these phrases, making them more than slogans. Now, after 35 years of practice, Phyllis has
a depth of experience to make the these phrases into statements. With the acceptance of the statements comes the question, "What can we do about manifesting the statement to become way of Being? Phyllis shares her passion and her knowing that these are her next steps as well as the next steps of the Reiki community. "Let us be United" is a recording of the Siddha Yoga Vedic Choir as a prayer for the world community.
"Let us be United ≈ Let us speak in Harmony ≈ Let our minds apprehend alike ≈ Common be our prayer ≈ Common be our resolution ≈ Alike be our feelings ≈ Unified be our hearts ≈ And perfect be our unity. from a translation of Rig Veda by Ann Hampton Callaway in 2001.

In my travels through the world of Reiki, I meet many people. All of them have great stories, profound insights given through their practice with Reiki, and inspiring experiences. It is my joy to be able to share these with you through the interviews. Should you have an impulse to know more or have direct contact with the person being interviewed, their email address or web site address is included. I am grateful for the willingness of these students of Reiki to share with you a glimpse of their Reiki path.

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