Thursday March 3 2011

Joyce Winough

Joyce Winough

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As a result of the interviews of the last two months, the word that kept coming up for me was service. How does service fit into our Reiki practice? Is it all service? Do other spiritual practices have service as a part of the practice? What is this like for the people who do the service? Knowing that Joyce has been very active in another spiritual community and has had profound experiences through her service, I asked her to share this with us. She is actively engaged in service to the Reiki community in different ways and also to others through individual service. She shares her experience with her open heart and in gratitude for all experiences that have brought healing to her in many ways.

In my travels through the world of Reiki, I meet many people. All of them have great stories, profound insights given through their practice with Reiki, and inspiring experiences. It is my joy to be able to share these with you through the interviews. Should you have an impulse to know more or have direct contact with the person being interviewed, their email address or web site address is included. I am grateful for the willingness of these students of Reiki to share with you a glimpse of their Reiki path.

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