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31 Mar 2011 - Soyin Tang
Soyin Tang
Many years ago a master initiated by Hawayo Takata had an impulse to start a world wide service project called "Reiki Outreach International." Mary Mc Fayden was a strong teaching master and had the belief that Reiki students could make a difference! So she organized people together to send to situations such as the earthquake and tsunami that affected Japan in the last weeks. Soyin Tang became strongly connected with this project and has held the energy of Reiki Outreach International in ... More
24 Mar 2011 - Carol Wirtz
Carol Wirtz
Twenty-five years ago Carol followed her heart and joined the Sisters of Charity order. A few years after this, she met Reiki. She is currently involved in several service projects, one being a day center for children with special needs in Juarez, Mexico, another a shelter for homeless women in downtown El Paso. Her personal focus is working with women with breast cancer. Her speaking of service allows me to have to have an experience of service and an inspiration to seek service every day. More
17 Mar 2011 - Anne Harrington-Lowe
Anne Harrington-Lowe
Service. Volunteers. A heart felt smile. Anne has balanced the life of Reiki Master with her part time work as a volunteer co-ordinator. This has lead to some interesting observations of how compassion, transformation, and spirit combine to bring the best out in people. Whether a person starts with spiritual motivation for selfless service or goes into a volunteer position because of wanting to help or for their own personal agenda, the transformation of the person has begun. Her work h... More
10 Mar 2011 - Deborah Rodney
Deborah Rodney
In keeping with our theme of service, Deborah brings her richness to the show. Her plays, television ads and programs, and her being as a Reiki Master are all expressions of her gift of service. Following her heart and her passion, she has delved into the community of homeless in Portland, the HIV Aids community on St. Vincent, and the issue in schools of bullying. In her productions she educates as well as serves the communication deficient that often surrounds these special populations o... More
3 Mar 2011 - Joyce Winough
Joyce Winough
As a result of the interviews of the last two months, the word that kept coming up for me was service. How does service fit into our Reiki practice? Is it all service? Do other spiritual practices have service as a part of the practice? What is this like for the people who do the service? Knowing that Joyce has been very active in another spiritual community and has had profound experiences through her service, I asked her to share this with us. She is actively engaged in service to the R... More
24 Feb 2011 - Ellen Sutherland
Ellen Sutherland
"Reiki talks to me. Reiki grows me. I am Reiki" Ellen's path to her celebration of Reiki in her life is touching in its simplicity, the very essence of Reiki. Gratitude is a part of her spiritual practice, starting with the simple lovely things in life to the challenging situations that have come to her. She speaks of Love which is not temporal love but an energy that transforms everything it touches, including each of us. As she describes this energy in the interview, I was touched by ... More
17 Feb 2011 - Jenny Ray
Jenny Ray
A medicine women from the Santee', Dakota, Sioux tribe of the Midwestern United States, Jenny Ray teaches through the way she speaks of the earth and its inhabitants, her stories, and her wisdom of how to hold the great paradoxes of being on the earth today. Each time she speaks, the understanding of the world is clearer because she is able to articulate with great clarity a unique view point. I heard the threads of compassion, gratitude, and peaceful co existence that gave me a peaceful, e... More
10 Feb 2011 - Phil Morgan
Phil Morgan
A Reiki Master, a Grandfather, a Great grandfather, and a Shaman, Phil brings his personal journey of Reiki and Shamanism to this interview with gratitude as the focus. In the shamanic tradition, gratitude is the basis for everything. To give thanks and to remember gratitude each moment is what allows everything to function. Phil's wisdom of gratitude even in the most challenging of times is also connected with the essence of Joy. Gratitude and Joy comes from our individual truth and this... More
3 Feb 2011 - Siddheshwari
In the intro to this show, I mentioned gratitude as the theme for this one! And Siddheshwari (also called Meg) was gracious enough to switch to Gratitude but we shifted to Love, our original theme for our time together. Her experiences as a mother led her to Reiki. She is now starting a new practice of supporting parents and babies to bond more easily, to find that natural feeling of love and affection under challenging circumstances. Siddheshwari's own experiences give her compassion and... More
27 Jan 2011 - Gail Olson
Gail Olson
"Love is a big topic!" This was Gail's comment when asked about this interview. Through the hour we were in conversation we did cover many aspects of love, from the interpersonal relationship of a mother and daughter through to the universal love of our fellow man/woman. Through the interview, Gail drops little gems and it is good to watch out for them. These will spice up your life and keep you on the "road to love," (If you cannot read the English in the little framed chinese More
20 Jan 2011 - Upasana Grugan
Upasana Grugan
Parents are often a challenge. Having aging parents can be even more of a challenge and, as many of the great spiritual leaders say, more support for spiritual practice. Compassion seems to start from one place inside of us and develops as our experiences of the world accumulate. Upasana's spiritual practice of developing compassion is an every day, moment by moment, challenge. Her willingness to serve her mother while taking care of herself is a dance of compassion and personal boundaries. H... More
13 Jan 2011 - Susan Mitchell
Susan Mitchell
On Saturday, January 8, a young man with a gun shot several people who were at an informal political meeting in Tucson. 5 people were killed and several seriously injured, included our local congresswoman. My first thought was about this interview and the subject I had presented to Susan, compassion. How could I have compassion for the young man as well as all the others involved? Where does compassion come from and can we learn how to be it? What relationship do the precepts have with cultiv... More
6 Jan 2011 - Elaine Andres
Elaine Andres
Love, Love, Love. What does the practice of Reiki teach us about Love? Are there different kinds of Love? Is Reiki really Unconditional Love? Elaine and Phyllis enter into a discussion about these questions and more. They end up with the question, What is wholeness? How did they get to this question! It is worth a listen to find out. Deep sharings and experiences from their many years of practice, engage the listener. Elaine brings her background in Christian theology and Phyllis, her psychol... More
30 Dec 2010 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Each year as December draws to a close, I seem to look over my life for the last year, wondering if there could have been something different. Could I have made a different choice? Could there be things I did not notice that were important? Could I have made a difference in a situation but did not? This is a time of the year to consider that what happened, what I did, and what I did not do were "just so." This next year, during the cycles of the season how can I find my peace and my "just so... More
23 Dec 2010 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Each year about this time, I remember my master, Hawayo Takata, even more than usual. Her birthday is December 24, 1900. I look back and try to imagine all the different waves of "progress" and changes that occurred during her life. What would she think of email and Skype conference calls? How would she feel about the spread of Reiki and all of the different forms? I have no idea! However, it is good to go back for a bit and remember. More
16 Dec 2010 - Monika Vogeser
Monika Vogeser
Monika's journey with Reiki began with her search for support in her living with Multiple Sclerosis. Her search, her finding Reiki, and her discipline with the practice has given her insights into life as a healing path. The two healthy points of life, she says, are the moment of birth and the moment of death. The years between these points are steps in healing. A great inspiration for those of us who need encouragement in the daily discipline of self treatment! More
9 Dec 2010 - Aleema Fontaine
Aleema Fontaine
A dramatic pose for Aleema photo carries the message of milagros (miracles), surrender, and awakening. This interview covers the various themes of healing and curing; from the different meanings of the words in French, Spanish, and English to the way these concepts mix with the experiences of a Reiki practice. Aleema's recent Journey with a painful and continuing knee surgery/recovery allows us to speak about many aspects of healing and curing. More
2 Dec 2010 - Astrid Bagwitz
Astrid Bagwitz
In this conversation with Astrid, a second degree student living in Germany, we are treated to a series of stories about her journey with Reiki. These stories illustrate the healing process of finding and participating in this practice. Her participation began with accepting unusual experiences and pursuing them until she found Reiki, learning about surrender, and coming into Trust. Her enthusiasm and overflowing good will for everything that Reiki has offered will inspire us all. More
25 Nov 2010 - Sadhu Veronica Kravtsova (Ma Prem Sadhu)
Sadhu Veronica Kravtsova (Ma Prem Sadhu)
If you have been listening to the show or researching the archives, you may remember Sadhu's interview on Mystic Order. Having been in Moscow, I had the opportunity to have another interview with this Reiki Master who recalls the beginning of Reiki in Moscow and her experience of healing and curing. She first went to the dictionary and found that in the Russian language the two words mean almost the same thing. However in practice, as in other places in the world, the two can be treated very ... More
18 Nov 2010 - Tripuri Dunne
Tripuri Dunne
Tripuri found Reiki in India but has centered her practice in London for many years. Her steady successful treatment practice has given us the gift of stories of healing.....and curing. Her definition of these two words are exemplified in her stories, a true story teller who is reluctant to define. This is good news for us, the listeners, as we have a chance to hear these inspiring stories. Tripuri sets a high mark as a practitioner who is dedicated to serving those who come to her. And the r... More