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18 Aug 2011 - Juergen Kindler
Juergen Kindler
In the chronology of Reiki, Germany was the first European country to receive Reiki. Reiki traveled to Germany from the USA with Brigitte Müller of Frankfurt. Jürgen's story carries this story of community to the next steps. His ability to reach out and embrace change while remaining confident of his own practice is inspiring. He was able to experience the community of German speaking masters in person and through his work with the "Reiki Master Rundbrief." His participation extended to the wider ... More
11 Aug 2011 - Kate Jones
Kate Jones
From tentatively attending the first gathering of the UK Reiki community to becoming a full time participant in the Usui Shiki Ryoho community, as well as the Reiki community at large in the UK, Kate Jones has walked the path to becoming a community member. This path has its gifts as well as its challenges. She brings stories, experiences, and, with great respect, the description of Reiki practice that has been authored by the circles of Reiki practices represented by the Reiki Council of t... More
4 Aug 2011 - Kathy Tyler
Kathy Tyler
A pilgrim on her spiritual path, Kathy was lead to the Findhorn community in Scotland and met Reiki there in the early 1980's. Kathy is the co-author of The Transformation Game and the original Angel Cards and continues to listen to the wisdom of the universe as it comes through her. Outspoken, direct, and passionate, she holds her humanity and the humanity of all others with grace, compassion, and gentleness. This interview will give you much food for thought as you move through your dail... More
29 Jul 2011 - Maria Kumb and Fokke Brink
Maria Kumb and Fokke Brink
Maria and Fokke trace their long history with Reiki through their experiences of community beginning with the first student gathering in Holland for Fokke and organizing evenings for Reiki treatment exchange for Maria. This goes through their adventures in their Reiki Heal-Mobile, the annual Gersfeld Reiki Festival (Germany), and their local community experience in the small Greek village where they live now. It is a grand tour with many smiles and profound experiences of the value of commu... More
21 Jul 2011 - Leslie Grasa
Leslie Grasa
Yes, Leslie was just on the show a few weeks ago, sharing her Reiki story and the profound lessons that Reiki has brought to her. (May 5, 2011) She was on the top of the list again when the topic of Community arose. As Leslie is on the Board of Trustees for the Annual Northwest Reiki Gathering held at the Breitenbush Hot Springs Resort in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, she is able to share her experience of attending the gathering for 7 years, the intent of the Trustees for the gathering... More
15 Jul 2011 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Dear Listeners and supporters of the Radio Show, This week I have not had the energy to put a show together for you. The last two weeks have been an interesting time for me and it is sufficient to say, that a show has not emerged for you this week. I will be back next week and trust that this new direction will take hold and create the space for another year or more of the show! Again, if you have a suggestion for a topic or someone who would be great to interview on any topic or a questi... More
7 Jul 2011 - Fokke Brink
Fokke Brink
Encore! This 5th year of the Reiki Talk Show is starting out with some encore shows from the first year of the show. These are, in my estimation, timeless and give you, the listener, a new context for the show. Listen again....with your different ears...and find the magic of the oral tradition. Fokke Brink has made a study of the three kanji that "says" Reiki in the Japanese language. He will take his understanding of the origin of the kanji and extend it into his own perspective of R... More
30 Jun 2011 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis takes a moment to express gratitude for the Radio Show and those people who have assisted in the successful production of the show for the last 4 years! Then she begins to share "What Reiki has taught her." Halfway through the show, she asks those listening to begin to give Reiki to themselves, as she does also. The rest of the show is a flow of Reiki through her to the listeners. Being is the key......Being human is what we are. More
23 Jun 2011 - Kathy Baker
Kathy Baker
Kathy was guided to Reiki in 1978 with Ethel Lombardi, one of the masters initiated by Hawayo Takata. Through the years and many remarkable experiences, there is a clarity of her gift from Reiki. This gift is the ability to connect. Through this connection all is possible. Being in the "right place" at the right time is a gift of feeling the connection and going in that direction. Moving from the heart, Kathy has proceeded through her life, and having the confidence that she is on her p... More
16 Jun 2011 - Fran Freeman
Fran Freeman
Before she met Reiki in 1982, Fran followed her path and learned that everything is given. Sometimes what has been given is not what she wanted or expected. However she has learned that the path is about accepting what is given, honoring this, and appreciating it as the colors of life. Her stories are wonderful illustrations of Reiki in action! More
9 Jun 2011 - Jolanda Ouburg
Jolanda Ouburg
Stepping with both feet into the mystery of Reiki, Jolanda tells of this word that just came to her as she was trying to find a way to heal her physical pain and condition. She has followed this path with confidence and dedication, applying Reiki every day and in every way. Her healing lead to art therapy which has given her the courage to take the new life she has and create her dream. More
2 Jun 2011 - Paul Haines
Paul Haines
A man of few but clear words, Paul brings to his stories the fullness of his experience. In doing this, he touches a resonance that we sometimes miss or forget in Reiki, Peace. A kind of peace that is the result of soulful healing and reconciliation. His experiences throughout his 25 years of practice, brought me to a place in the interview of simply wanting to have silence. So the last few minutes are yours to be with yourself and with the peace that he brings to the fore. More
26 May 2011 - Jim Frew
Jim Frew
Sit back and start treating yourself as you listen to Jim's wonderful stories of his life with Reiki. A master storyteller as well as a Reiki master and practitioner, Jim gives us some of the highlights of his practice. I found the stories filled with clear understandings of "how Reiki taught him and taught the people he was treating" lessons that changed their lives. And at the end, the simple advise of being constant with daily treatments on oneself is advise that comes from his own exp... More
19 May 2011 - Yoli Deines
Yoli Deines
"Trust is the tap root." This is the way that Yoli has experienced her life with Reiki. Off this tap root (which is the main root from a plant) are smaller roots like "letting go of control," "surrender," and "trusting others." Realizing that letting go of control is different than losing control; that surrender is partnership rather than giving up the self; and that caring about is different than caring for is a part of the process of Trust The experience of trusting supported and nurtu... More
12 May 2011 - Tim Thomas
Tim Thomas
The stories of Reiki continually demonstrate the theory that "there are no coincidences!" Tim gives us over and over a confirmation of this theory...until it is not a theory any longer! As with many of us, Reiki came into his life through a series of "coincidences." The sharing of his list of "What has Reiki taught me?" can be seen as the path a human being takes from the depths of the forest to the top of the mountain. Daily spiritual practice gives vision of possibilities and slowing ... More
5 May 2011 - Leslie Grasa
Leslie Grasa
Leslie brings to us the magic of Reiki one more time! Her personal story, beginning with First Degree with her Reiki Master Sheila King, of deep physical shifts in her body, opening of communication channels within as well as with others, and the potent teachings through Reiki inspire and touch the heart. Let Reiki teach you! Her teachings she shared with us now are: "I am never alone. I have something valuable to contribute. I know a place from which to gain clarity." These teachings ... More
28 Apr 2011 - John and Lourdes Grey
John and Lourdes Grey
An Encore! for John. A few weeks ago, Lourdes wrote an email to me sharing that John had died on January 12, 2011. John spent over 30 years of his life in service to Reiki and to the teaching that was passed on through Hawayo Takata, his master. His teaching will live on with Lourdes, his masters, and his students. Thank you, John. More
21 Apr 2011 - Hira Reid
Hira Reid
This interview is packed with great stories of service. HIra was generous in her sharing of the times in her life that were pivotal in her awareness of service. She starts with the story of how she decided to join the army and "knew" this was the next thing for her to do. She knew it in her heart. And goes on with the stories of her time in Viet Nam and then in the Siddha Yoga Ashram in India. Her two themes are "non-doing" and "doing with all your heart." Inspiring and thought provoking.... More
14 Apr 2011 - Carol Wirtz
Carol Wirtz
The first show on March 24 was not listener friendly! Luckily Carol was able to fit in another hour of her time to record another show! The sound is better and it is not exactly like the other one. Thank you Carol. Thank you listeners! Here we go. . . Twenty-five years ago Carol followed her heart and joined the Sisters of Charity order. A few years after this, she met Reiki. She is currently involved in several service projects, one being a day center for children with special n... More
7 Apr 2011 - Maureen Pua'ena O'Shaughnessy
Maureen Pua'ena O'Shaughnessy
Ho'oponopono. This is the theme of our time together with Maureen. As her relationship with her "kumu hula" brought her to Reiki, she is now bringing a part of the Hawaiian teaching to the Reiki community. After these weeks of exploring Love, Compassion, Gratitude, and Service, we are putting it all together in a practical way of how to live life in harmony and in responsibility for our lives. Reiki teaches us to live without blame and the subjective judgements of right/wrong. When we le... More