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15 Nov 2012 - Vamzu-jo
Vamzu-jo came to Reiki in 1987 as a young mother with three children. She was offered Reiki one day for her migraine headache and she refused. The next month when the Reiki was offered, in desperation, she accepted. This treatment begin to change her life. In 1990, she was initiated as a master and since then has lived Reiki and Reiki has flowed through her life. Vamzu-jo is a wonderful story teller and with her stories come profound lessons. Her open willingness to trust in the energy ... More
8 Nov 2012 - Rita Dantas
Rita Dantas
Rita lives in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, which is north from Rio de Janeiro, along the eastern coast of the country. She took First Degree in 1991 and has been "enchanted" with Reiki ever since. Her mother is a partner in a clinic for Body Restructuring, where they have a room only for Reiki classes and treatments. For 16 years Rita coordinates the practice of Reiki in the clinic, supporting the community, asking for 4 boxes of milk and a toy in exchange for a Reiki treatment. People who prefer... More
1 Nov 2012 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
At the end of my tour of South America, I was privileged to speak to a group of about 100 students and masters in Santiago Chile. The topic question was "What is the future of Reiki?" Combining many of my main themes, I was able to communicate moving from being self referenced to including the world community, moving from being a helper and a fixer to being of service, and moving into the next stage of development for this practice we call Reiki. I feel I am standing on the brink of the un... More
25 Oct 2012 - Miriam Ibanez
Miriam Ibanez
I met Miriam this year at a conference in Sao Paulo. She volunteered to be interviewed for the show with Portuguese/English interpretation by Helena Hungria. Her story of Reiki is beautifully told and she follows it with some of her most precious stories of her treatment practice. A passionate and dedicated student of Reiki, she reminded me of my own steps which brought me into gratitude of the path of Reiki for us all. More
11 Oct 2012 - Randall Simpson
Randall Simpson
Young, vibrant, and dedicated. This is a combination that is impossible to surpress … and who would ever want to! All through the interview I was thinking that this is the promise of the coming generations. Randall came to Reiki when she was 18 and has used the path to deepen understanding for her personal journey as well as for guiding her service to humankind. Her passion for children has lead her to opening doors for Reiki, Yoga, and innovative programs for special needs children. Go... More
5 Oct 2012 - Sharron Mackison
Sharron Mackison
First working in Fine Arts and then moving to the IT world, Sharron has found her place when she met Reiki in 1990. Very quickly she became a public practitioner and has continued the practice through the present time. In 1996 mastery came to her and she added teaching Reiki to her practice. Her rich experiential life with Reiki served her as she was a founding member of Reiki Australia and continues to be active in the public sector. As you listen to her stories you will find inspiration... More
27 Sep 2012 - Cristina Camargo
Cristina Camargo
When hearing that I was going to be traveling in Brazil, Cristina asked me to come to a gathering in the north. I didn't have time to go but this interview is a way for me to be there. The experience of being interviewed was a good one and I wanted to play this for you…so you will have another view of the show. Their theme is exploring the 5 principles of Reiki. The interview is interpreted by Helena Hungria of Sao Paulo. More
20 Sep 2012 - Gordon Melvin
Gordon Melvin
This is not an encore show but the second interview with Gordon! His path continues with his passion for the Enneagram and Reiki. The interview brings out more of the depth of the Enneagram Studies and the mystical path of Reiki. Gordon shares with us his profound experiences of being in silence and hearing his calling to mastery. To contact Gordon, please use the contact box at More
13 Sep 2012 - Ann Baldwin
Ann Baldwin
Ann is back! She has been busy the last two years studying the effects of Reiki on people. A published research scientist, she is also supporting the Reiki community by reading and writing summaries for lay people about the research that is being done in the world about and concerning Reiki. These can be found online under A lover of horses, she is embarking on a cooperative research project with Linda Kohanov who also lives near Tucson Arizona. Following her... More
6 Sep 2012 - Benjamin Edom
Benjamin Edom
Benjamin has taken his passion for the way of Aikido, Kinesiology, and Reiki, integrating what they have in common while respecting the unique qualities of each, and putting all that into a teaching for those interested. A person who has referenced his learning through his physical body, Benjamin offers this to others as a result of his years of practice, his inquiring mind, and the observation of what happens when the principles of each are applied individually and together. A sincere and p... More
30 Aug 2012 - Gordon Melvin
Gordon Melvin
This encore show will bring you in touch with Gordon, who is now preparing for his next step in Reiki, becoming a master. His beginnings with Reiki were challenging and gave him a chance to experience following a calling to Reiki, the energy that intrigued him. This is a theme in his life as he followed a calling to become a priest of the Church of England, then to serve as a hospital chaplain, and now in a transition period to teaching the Enneagram, treating people with Reiki, and seeing... More
24 Aug 2012 - Brigitte Mueller
Brigitte Mueller
Encore show from January 24th 2008. Brigitte's story is one of "magical circumstance" or "there are no accidents!" She was ready to receive Reiki when she met, by chance, Mary Mc Fayden, in California shortly after Mary received her mastership from Hawayo Takata. Brigitte went home to Frankfurt, Germany, and began her long and dedicated practice. Reiki had come to Germany! Brigitte began her practice by treating herself and others, inviting Mary to come and teach, organizing the classes and ... More
16 Aug 2012 - Vera Dobrotina
Vera Dobrotina
Short and sweet. This show is a bit shorter in time, but Vera responds to the questions with simple clarity. From Moscow, Vera is speaking in Russian and Nur Stepanova is interpreting. Vera recounts her experience in starting the first Reiki clinic in Moscow which is still open. She also shares her experience of coming to the United States meeting other Reiki Masters and being introduced to Native American healing traditions. More
9 Aug 2012 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Sustainable Choices is becoming a phrase that is like the "red thread" in the German language….this means that this phrase runs through everything I do and think these days. I just realized several hours ago that I was thinking of this concept many years ago when I wrote a little letter in the Blue Book published by the Reiki Alliance. At the end of the letter is a visual……"Image that you are standing in a corner facing the wall. It seems that you have few choices and no where to go. Now ... More
2 Aug 2012 - Wanja Twan
Wanja Twan
Another one of our earlier shows…..this encore of Wanja Twan is a treasure of memories and the voice of one of the elders in our community. Now retired from teaching and traveling, Wanja spends her summers in her beloved Kaslo, BC Canada…where the dragons lie long the tops of the spectacular mountains. Wanja is from Sweden originally and still has the lilt in her voice and the twinkle in her eye that I attribute to the Scandanavian affinity to nature spirits, good humor in the darkest of ni... More
28 Jul 2012 - Ebony Foster
Ebony Foster
From Toronto, Ebony is a relatively young student with a clear commitment to Reiki and to her mastery. She has been courageous enough to follow her feelings ….no matter what. She attended a Master Candidate Retreat in Arizona, meeting those who gathered for this Retreat for the first time and found a common trust in Reiki. When asked what her motivation is for starting on this journey, she answers, "I am just following my path." Her journey into the unknown has been fostered by her uncomm... More
19 Jul 2012 - Candace Caddick
Candace Caddick
Candace connected with Reiki 19 years ago and has continually valued the hands-on self-treatment. As some of her personal issues shifted and fell away, she seemed to gain sight. She was able to see the nature spirits working in her garden and in the whole of nature. This one one of the first veils that was opened to her. As she continued on her journey, another veil was lifted and she found herself typing for the arch-angels….and publishing three short books that are packed with "behind the v... More
5 Jul 2012 - Caroline Rodgers
Caroline Rodgers
A devout Buddhist and enthusiastic Reiki practitioner, Caroline is walking her path of spiritual exploration with an energetic clarity that is inspiring. During this interview, we were able to explore the value of having precepts in both her Buddhist practice and her Reiki practice. These provide an ethical foundation as well as a starting point from which clarity of movement and speech in daily life emerge. This is carried into her Reiki practice, a demanding one in a critical care unit i... More
28 Jun 2012 - Ursula Schneider
Ursula Schneider
Ursula came to Reiki through a physical condition and she found something much bigger for herself. Her Reiki story takes us into her classroom, her family, and her healing. This is a story of the past and present coming together to give her a vision for her future with Reiki that will contribute to those around her as well as the future of integrative medicine where Reiki and allopathic medicine can work side by side for the benefit of the patient. More
21 Jun 2012 - Lyubov Ivanova
Lyubov Ivanova
Luba came to Reiki through her interest in meditation and other "interesting" things during the time when such meetings were held Underground in Russia. During one of these meetings, she heard about Reiki and had the opportunity to attend one of the first classes given in Russia in 1992 by Horst Günther of Germany. She immediately was taken by Reiki and became a master in 1996. Since then she has continually taught students in many countries through the Russian community of students. A private... More