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28 Jul 2012 - Ebony Foster
Ebony Foster
From Toronto, Ebony is a relatively young student with a clear commitment to Reiki and to her mastery. She has been courageous enough to follow her feelings ….no matter what. She attended a Master Candidate Retreat in Arizona, meeting those who gathered for this Retreat for the first time and found a common trust in Reiki. When asked what her motivation is for starting on this journey, she answers, "I am just following my path." Her journey into the unknown has been fostered by her uncomm... More
19 Jul 2012 - Candace Caddick
Candace Caddick
Candace connected with Reiki 19 years ago and has continually valued the hands-on self-treatment. As some of her personal issues shifted and fell away, she seemed to gain sight. She was able to see the nature spirits working in her garden and in the whole of nature. This one one of the first veils that was opened to her. As she continued on her journey, another veil was lifted and she found herself typing for the arch-angels….and publishing three short books that are packed with "behind the v... More
5 Jul 2012 - Caroline Rodgers
Caroline Rodgers
A devout Buddhist and enthusiastic Reiki practitioner, Caroline is walking her path of spiritual exploration with an energetic clarity that is inspiring. During this interview, we were able to explore the value of having precepts in both her Buddhist practice and her Reiki practice. These provide an ethical foundation as well as a starting point from which clarity of movement and speech in daily life emerge. This is carried into her Reiki practice, a demanding one in a critical care unit i... More
28 Jun 2012 - Ursula Schneider
Ursula Schneider
Ursula came to Reiki through a physical condition and she found something much bigger for herself. Her Reiki story takes us into her classroom, her family, and her healing. This is a story of the past and present coming together to give her a vision for her future with Reiki that will contribute to those around her as well as the future of integrative medicine where Reiki and allopathic medicine can work side by side for the benefit of the patient. More
21 Jun 2012 - Lyubov Ivanova
Lyubov Ivanova
Luba came to Reiki through her interest in meditation and other "interesting" things during the time when such meetings were held Underground in Russia. During one of these meetings, she heard about Reiki and had the opportunity to attend one of the first classes given in Russia in 1992 by Horst Günther of Germany. She immediately was taken by Reiki and became a master in 1996. Since then she has continually taught students in many countries through the Russian community of students. A private... More
14 Jun 2012 - Jojan Jonker
Jojan Jonker
A regular on the show in the last months, Jojan leads us into conversations about a cosmology for Reiki. We touched on the topic of Good and Evil in the practice of Reiki. (see April 5, 2012) As we thought about this topic, we realized that the greater question was "Does the practice of Reiki have a cosmology?" If yes, then what are the components that all Reiki practitioners have in common? Please join our conversation by going on the face book page or writing an email via the reiki sho... More
7 Jun 2012 - Gerald Blomeyer
Gerald Blomeyer
Encore show from Sept. 15th 2011. Five years ago Gerald sent out an email to his friends, students, and colleagues saying that he was moving to India to be with the Dalai Lama and the teachings of Buddhism. As a result of a series of small events, we connected again for this moment. The tenets of compassion, non attachment, and interdependence come alive through his stories, experiences, and observations. His way of making a difference in the world is to be of the world but not attached to t... More
24 May 2012 - Ian Spiers
Ian Spiers
Ian completed his education in McTimoney Chiropractic in 1986. As a result of the energy work involved in this kind of practice, he was lead to Reiki. Without knowing any particulars, Ian took the First Degree becoming a passionate practitioner and supporter of his Reiki community. Having a solid base for his treatment practice and teaching, Ian turned his attention to his personal practice. He and his wife, Celia, just lately supported each other in giving each other treatments everyday ... More
17 May 2012 - Lizzie McCallum
Lizzie McCallum
At 18, Lizzie was facing treatments for cancer. The second time in her short life. She was drawn to explore complementary therapies and found Reiki. During the year of her process with cancer she received regular treatments. Her world changed in unexpected ways. Passionate about Reiki and life, Lizzie has taken the big step of mastery at the age of 30. Now, two years later, she is optimistic about the world, exploring the myriad of possible expressions for her mastery, and being inspire... More
10 May 2012 - Rick Bockner
Rick Bockner
Rick is one of the masters Hawayo Takata initiated. He shares with us his recollections of her classes, her way of teaching, and her presence. Form of Teaching brings together the elements into a class that is offered to students. There are principles of teaching that allow students to begin in the same place. However, each master also gives to the class his or her own personality and flavor. Rick speaks about his journey into finding his style while remaining true to the teachings of the mas... More
26 Apr 2012 - Lily Thomson
Lily Thomson
LIly came to Reiki in the flow of her life. A devout and practicing Catholic, she consulted her "voice" when asked if she would like to take Reiki. The voice said yes! And Lily was off on a journey of her life! In following her voice, she traveled to Brazil and met Padre Tiçao. He was taken with her Reiki and she found his people to be open and ready for Reiki. She has returned to Brazil 4 times after her initial journey, fulfilling a calling that comes from deep within her relationship w... More
19 Apr 2012 - Barbara Matsuura
Barbara Matsuura
Barbara moved to Japan in 1981. Taking advantage of her ballet background, she moved into a form of Kabuki Theatre and then, when resettled in Hong Kong, Tai Chi. After an accident compromised the use of her thumb, she searched for something to assist in healing her thumb 100% and found Reiki. Barbara brings her no nonsense approach to the world of metaphysics in many ways. Her stories are simple and profound. Her integration of American and Japanese is a beautiful mix that will come ... More
12 Apr 2012 - Sue Winters
Sue Winters
Sue found Reiki in British Columbia Canada through Rick Bockner, in 1981, just after he had been initiated as a master by Hawayo Takata. During her First Degree initiations, she found her Intuition opening up and a new level of communication began to blossom. This opening continued to provide experiences that challenged her known world and gave her the gift of the knowing there is more to "reality" than what we believe or are told. Her stories may sound familiar.....if so, she would say,... More
5 Apr 2012 - Jojan Jonker
Jojan Jonker
A regular on the show, Jojan contributes the time and energy that he has spent in research and contemplation of the system and its development motivated by his writing a doctorate thesis. From a series of conversations, he and I explore the great choice between using our experiences as students of Reiki to determine or to support our theories about how the world works. The choice is between Theory and Experience. Using the discussion point of "Is there Good and Evil" and "Are Past Lives mo... More
29 Mar 2012 - Gerri Jackson
Gerri Jackson
In a series of interviews about the precepts or principles of Reiki, Gerri spoke about "Earn you living Honestly." Starting with an amazing story of her first Reiki treatment to her story of how the precept was demonstrated in her life. Gerri shared from her heart and her experience a choice betweeen: Working to live and Living to Work. This is a way to check to see if work is the focus of your life or is living the focus of your life. A challenging and insightful question for us all. Earn y... More
22 Mar 2012 - Nur Stepanova
Nur Stepanova
An encore show with Nur means that you will have heard her in the Russian shows from last December as an interpreter and now, as a long time Reiki student discussing her experience of Money in her experiences. Her history and passion for Reiki is a platform from which she shares her view point of money as an element of the practice. More
15 Mar 2012 - Margaret Krum
Margaret Krum
Love, Love, Love. Practice, Practice, Practice. Is Reiki Love? Is God Love? Are we Love? Margaret brings to her Reiki practice another way of holding life, love, and the meaning of Life through Science of the Soul. Her way of holding both practices allows for insight into my rebel nature and my resistance to the message: Reiki is Love. Margaret guides the conversation to resolution within me and perhaps for you. More
8 Mar 2012 - Beatrice Oganesoff
Beatrice Oganesoff
Reiki was brought to South America in the early 1980's and has flourished there all these years. Now many masters and students alike share their passion and dedication to the practice. Beatrice shares with us the role that Reiki had in her life through kidnapping of loved ones, her process with anger, and the blossoming of her beauty. The path of Reiki comforts and guides her to a growing peace within herself. More
1 Mar 2012 - Sonia Acosta
Sonia Acosta
From the moment she was initiated into First Degree, Sonia had people lined up for treatments. Over the years and through her own advancement in Reiki, she has treated many people with many different conditions and situations. Her stories have a special tone as she lives in Colombia and because of her own special way of speaking about her experiences. Spanish interpretation by Aleema Fontaine of Mexico. More
23 Feb 2012 - Ann Cabano and Krysten Alderidge
Ann Cabano and Krysten Alderidge
Two women full of Reiki and passion share their stories of coming to Reiki, following Reiki through a video project, and finding out that the answer to all questions is LOVE. ONeTRUeLOVe is the name of the video documentary that seems to be leading them into the depths of what Connection is really all about. Their journey is one of discovery and surrender. A great combination for a great team! (Ann is on the left and Krysten on the right) More