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4 Apr 2013 - Frank Coppieters
Frank Coppieters
Frank's story is a lovely voice from the past when it seemed that we knew everyone and we were community. Now the Reiki community is more expressed as a virtual one. Frank's legacy to his students is his value of community and his love for the members of this community. His integration of Reiki practice into his life, his growing into his shamanistic practice, and his personal partnership come through him as his expression of mastery. Teaching in both the Portland Oregon area and in Belgiu... More
28 Mar 2013 - Robert Fueston
Robert Fueston
Robert's story starts out with all the elements of "coincidence that are really daily miracles." A series of these coupled with his desire to find out how Hawayo Takata taught Reiki set Robert on a path of mastery. His willingness to seek the "answer" gave him the opportunity to meet the elders of the Reiki community and to learn the essential lessons of Reiki. His story is the story of the relationship between essence and form……and the rewards of consistency and diligence. More
21 Mar 2013 - Justin Stein
Justin Stein
Justin began his spiritual education as a child, as his mother is a long-time practitioner of transcendental meditation, yoga, and alternative medicine. He continued his exploration through his teens, spending a college semester in Japan studying different forms of meditation, which led him to the academic study of Japanese religion. He is now writing a paper on the history of Reiki, dissolving the compartmental thinking and creating a new way of addressing the history. His research span... More
14 Mar 2013 - Christa Faye Burka
Christa Faye Burka
Long ago, in the early 1980s Christa was lead to the big island of Hawaii, the place where Bethal Phaigh spent the winters leading Gestalt groups and in her last years, treating and teaching Reiki. Her meeting with Bethal and her initiation into Reiki 1 was a life changing experience for many reasons and on many levels. After another life changing experience of receiving an unexpected energetic gift, Christa awakened to her new vocation and path of service to support the awakening of human ... More
7 Mar 2013 - Jojan Jonker
Jojan Jonker
Jojan is a continued presence on the show. As listeners you can follow his path through researching the mystic experiences of fellow masters and now a paper on "three eras of Reiki practice;" the founding era beginning with Mikao Usui, the era of Reiki coming to Hawaii and then the mainland of the USA, and the present era of globalization. Where do these research papers take us as students? What is their value? Need we change our practice because of these? The outcome of the study may g... More
28 Feb 2013 - Martin Ouwerkerk
Martin Ouwerkerk
Research is happening everywhere these days. Martin has been involved with research through a multi-national company. In the last years he has taken steps to study physical and emotional responses in people through technical measuring devices that have been available only in the last few years. One of the interesting things he discovered in measuring the amount of light photons that emanate from Reiki hands…..the amount of light decreases as the practice moves towards "perfection." This h... More
21 Feb 2013 - Ricardo Monezi
Ricardo Monezi
Ricardo Monezi is a passionate Reiki practitioner and master as well as a research scientist. His story with Reiki started when he was 16 and this connection is reflected in his life. The research he has begin over the years of his study, has shown the effects of Reiki in relieving stress. Stress is recognized as one of the signs of physical disharmony of the body….and often of disharmony of other aspects of being human. Dedicated to clearing a path for more people to have the gift of hea... More
14 Feb 2013 - Brigitte Mueller
Brigitte Mueller
Brigitte's story is a wonderful example of how deeply Reiki can touch the essence of being and change a life. A series of events and people put her in Mary McFayden's car in 1983 where she first heard the word Reiki. From then on, Brigitte's journey is one of courage, dedication, and acting from her knowing of what Reiki is for her. The cultural healing of Germany is also personified by Brigitte's story and the touch of Reiki has brought peace to many, including her. War is a human sol... More
7 Feb 2013 - Vanesa Maiorana
Vanesa Maiorana
Vanesa came to Reiki as she was searching for something different in her life. Her Reiki story, as with many of us, tells of a change of life at a difficult moment. At the same time, there was an echo in the monetary health of Argentina and she weathered both storms through her dedication and practice of Reiki. A story of trust and listening, Vanesa has extended her experience and commitment to her students. Interpretation by Upasana Grugan. More
31 Jan 2013 - Claudia Enrico
Claudia Enrico
Food …. Glorious Food! The energy of our bodies receives nourishment from food. If our food is filled with energy, if our food matches what our bodies are able to digest, then we will build our foundation of health. Through her finding out that her body was not able to digest wheat which contains gluten, Claudia found a path to Health, Happiness, and Long Life… which is the phrase that Hawayo Takata used when talking about Reiki to students. The moment of vulnerability that our bodies bri... More
24 Jan 2013 - Lillene Mariella Pedersen
Lillene Mariella Pedersen
Lillene's story of how she came to Reiki reminds us all that the first step was our birth and the qualities of our person that we bring with us. This quality of Lillene carries throughout her years with her Reiki practice. Her stories of how Reiki has touched lives also reminds us that there is destiny, mystery, and universal connection the is operating through us as human beings. These are qualities to be celebrated and taken into another step, which for Lillene is Reiki Home. More
17 Jan 2013 - Lynn Armor
Lynn Armor
Lynn came to Reiki in a practical way. Her story of her son's early days is a potent example of the way Reiki brings living beings into balance and then goes to the cause! Her story starts in 1986. In 2002, she discovered herself in Japan for two years and took the opportunity to study with Tadeo Yamaguchi and his practice, Jikiden Reiki. This has brought her many gifts. Lynn's joy of life, understanding of the many levels of existence, and practical nature come together. And the clos... More
10 Jan 2013 - Ciro Perrino
Ciro Perrino
A miracle has happened! Through Facebook I met Ciro Perrino and was instantly intrigued by his being a composer and being a Reiki Master. Ciro's insights and connection to Music and Reiki touched me deeply. … Like a new instrument I had not heard playing Reiki! There are few words right now to describe the interview. Perhaps this is an experience of what he has within…a miracle of bringing into hearing something that exists but is not heard until he becomes the channel. At the end of the inte... More
4 Jan 2013 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Happy New Year! The theme of this show is gratitude. "Show Gratitude to Every Living Thing." At the beginning of this year, I am more aware of gratitude and the long list of things I am grateful for. I share this list with you…..hoping to inspire your own lists! After I am finished talking….I am going to share with you some music that reminds me of the vastness of gratitude. Ke Kali Nei Au by Makaha and Sons with Jerry Santos and Peter Moon; Wiyathul by Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu; Danc... More
27 Dec 2012 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis shares her thoughts about the "end of the world" and the gifts that Reiki brings to us in the practice and in the experience of practicing. The second half of the program is the New Year's Meditation. The music is from Deuter's Koyasan CD. The studies of DNA brings to us clearly that we are one, not only in essence but in the very being of our human bodies. The tension between form and essence is a creative force that can bring us to a new consciousness. More
20 Dec 2012 - Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson
Jason heard about Reiki while studying with Louise Hay in Southern California in 1985. He felt that this was for him and pursued his Path which lead him to Brazil and Uruguay. Not only has he learned Portuguese and then Spanish "on his feet" but he found that when speaking from the heart and having passion for Reiki, understanding came though without having the language to speak about it. Courageous, willing to follow his path, and a commitment to being in the energy of Reiki, Jason inspir... More
13 Dec 2012 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
This week the interviewer becomes the interviewee! Krishna Kloers wanted to have a way for me to be present at the Gersfeld Reiki Festival. As a result she interviewed me. This was a great experience and I expect to have more offerings where I can be present without physically being present. This question always comes up……when is a hug the most valuable thing? (The interview has minor sound disturbances that are not able to be eliminated and the voices are clear.) More
6 Dec 2012 - Maria Torres
Maria Torres
Family Family Family. This predominant passion and priority in the Latin American countries is evident as we listen to the interviews. Maria is no exception. Having found Reiki, she immediately thought: "What a perfect thing for a mother with four children!" And her children thought so as well. They all have chosen to be initiated and have practiced since childhood. Her practice as a master has followed this theme and her place within her family is as the healer/mother. More
29 Nov 2012 - Miguel Pumarejo
Miguel Pumarejo
At the age of 41, Miguel found himself in a "do or die" situation. Cancer had shown itself and was in an advanced stage. After assessing his finances and his options, Miguel choosed to go with an alternative method of healing. Diet, Louse Hayes' book "You can Heal Yourself," and a willingness to confront himself and his latent emotions created a change in Miguel! He is living well after many years and the cancer left as his resentment left him. A compelling story and one that teaches on ... More
22 Nov 2012 - Juanita Fernández - Alamos MD
While in Santiago, Chile, I had an opportunity to meet Juanita Alamos. Her passion for Reiki coupled with her practical nature was enough to be sure that an interview was schedule! Now we have been able to meet through the internet and her interview is touching. The theme that runs through the interview is the personal nature of her Reiki practice and how this has impacted her patients and their families. She is interested in speaking with other MDs around the world about their experience... More