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12 Sep 2013 - Jessica Schaffer
Jessica Schaffer
The North West Reiki Gathering has been held at the Breitenbush Hot Spring Retreat Center for the last 29 years. The gathering has taken on a life of its own and is being held for the global community by a non profit board of students and masters who have great dedication and passion for this gathering. Jessica is on the board and has been attending the gathering for over 15 years. Her Reiki story includes her once a year community experience, enriching her practice and her own development... More
6 Sep 2013 - Ellen and Tim Sosinski
Ellen and Tim Sosinski
I met Ellen and Tim at the NW Reiki Gathering in August. As we spoke about their trip to Africa, our passion for community, and their reiki stories, I was excited about having them on the show! Ellen and Tim speak about community and the way of the organic process….everything building step by step. It is a good reminder of the essence of Reiki which is to bring each of us back to our natural beauty and way of being in relationship with the natural world. Their experiences of being with th... More
29 Aug 2013 - Maureen Pua'ena O'Shaughnessy
Maureen Pua'ena O'Shaughnessy
When living in community, whether this is a Reiki Community or our local community or our families, forgiveness and reconciliation are key. In the Hawaiian tradition, Ho'oponopono, these elements are a vital part of the community philosophy and daily practice. Reiki gives us the capacity to live this with those that are around us. Now, as the global community gathers and forms through social media and the urge to come together without separation, this practice can give us the grounding to... More
22 Aug 2013 - Tracey Ostrand
Tracey Ostrand
Happy Birthday Tracey….and me too! My birthday is the 22nd and hers is the 23rd. We discovered we are both idealists and passionate about Reiki. The conversation grew into a sharing of our experiences in living in the diverse community of Reiki, as it is now. Tracey is the initiator of the Midwest Reiki Community and is excited by making decisions by creative consensus within the group. This is a great example of the movement in our global society towards cooperation and creative relation... More
15 Aug 2013 - Gina Mclaughlin
Gina Mclaughlin
Gina oversees the creative development and online marketing for the Midwest Reiki Community. This site is as uplifting and clear as Gina is. Her passion for the virtual world brings the message of the Community and of Reiki to the world. Gina found Reiki through a marriage counselor who was able to further her therapeutic process by giving her Reiki treatments. She has recently moved to Boulder CO and has started the next MRC there….now referred to as the Global Reiki Communities www.glo... More
8 Aug 2013 - Heather McCutcheon
Heather McCutcheon
Heather moved from the cut-throat world of advertising in Chicago to massage school through a life changing experience. After many years of working in this new profession, she was lead to working with chakras. Another stimulating experience occurred that brought her to Reiki. Heather's response to difficult moments in her life have lead her to where she is now. A great example of how the universe brings us the energy of change and if we are able, we can turn to our true vocation in life a... More
1 Aug 2013 - Molly Coeling
Molly Coeling
Starting off the theme of Reiki Community is a thrust of energy from Chicago! In early 2012, several students and masters founded the Midwest Reiki Community ( Their greater vision of creating union within local practice communities while also creating a global community presence is being built on a clear and conscious foundation of supporting Reiki practitioners to practice! Molly's journey with Reiki began in 2011, as she trained and practiced alongside he... More
27 Jul 2013 - Paul Mitchell/Phyllis Furumoto
Paul Mitchell/Phyllis Furumoto
In the years from 1980, Reiki has spread throughout the world. As the classes are formed, a little community forms. Then larger local communities. And now these communities are starting to overlap and find those places where there is common ground. As a result, there is substance in connecting with the global Reiki community members. Paul's past interview in which he describes his experience in a religious community and then a living community, highlights the qualities of both and the va... More
11 Jul 2013 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Happy Birthday Radio Show! This is the beginning of the 7th year of the Reiki Talk Show! So I am on the show myself sharing about the impact that the show has had on my Reiki life and the deeper understanding of the layers of friendship. I am very grateful for those who have supported the radio show through the years! I embark on another year with excitement and trust that we will all benefit from the connections with Reikistudents around the world. More
4 Jul 2013 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Happy Fourth of July from the United States! No show today……. A great one coming in a week! Thanks for your support and your listening! More
27 Jun 2013 - Denise Payne-Ollivier
Denise Payne-Ollivier
Denise was introduced to Reiki in 2007 when a friend treated her ankles and legs … having had a chronic condition that resulted in surgery. Immediately she was taken with Reiki and started her intensive education program to learn a Reiki practice and then to learn more and more about Reiki and its gift. She has been lead to being a public practitioner. Her sharing of lessons learned and her method for connecting with clients are supportive for anyone with this calling. In her practice, she... More
20 Jun 2013 - Justin Stein
Justin Stein
Take Two! This is our second show with Justin in the last few months, and we're planning on at least one more. The first is in the archives on March 21, 2013. In this interview, we go into more depth into his doctoral dissertation research on the history of the practice of Reiki. His interest lies in the detail as well as the overview of oral tradition and cultural influences. He just received a grant to complete a stage of study in Japanese language. His endeavor is to be completely fl... More
13 Jun 2013 - Chuck Vickery
Chuck Vickery
Chuck came to Reiki through an amazing set of "coincidences" that have proven to be a transformative process in his life. He started out by taking a hit of crystal meth in the parking lot before going up to have his first Reiki treatment in 1987. This started the change! His Reiki path has taken him to many parts of the world…..a personal connection with the Netherlands…and his vocation now which is substance abuse counseling. He is wanting to include Reiki in this protocol and is recon... More
6 Jun 2013 - Isabella Petri
Isabella Petri
Isabella came to Reiki in the beginning of 1993 and Reiki was immediately supported by her work. Over the years of her mastership path, Isabella has put her energy into creating possibilities for all those who are drawn to Reiki to have what they need to embrace the practice. She has been involved with taking Reiki to the business world, been involved in research projects, and now active in founding Pro Reiki, a German organization open for those who wish to create more stability for Reiki ... More
30 May 2013 - Emilia Sarmento
Emilia Sarmento
Emilia heard the voice of Reiki calling her some 13 years ago and has followed this voice ever since. She has taken some big steps into the unknown in trust that Reiki was supporting her. She is also involved in Reiki without Frontiers and the movement in Portugal for all Reiki students to come together. A history teacher for 27 years, she is now in the forefront of Reiki in Portugal and making history herself. Thoughtful, trusting, and sincere, Emilia is an inspiration for those who ar... More
23 May 2013 - Dieter Leisebein
Dieter Leisebein
Born in Leipzig, Germany, Dieter has lived the experience of "being behind a wall." The opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was an electrifying event for the world. Many, including Dieter, believe that the work of Reiki assisted in providing the energetic field that made this possible without violence. Dieter came to Reiki in 2002. He’s working for german Reiki Magazin since 2008. In 2010, he became part of the formation of "ProReiki" or “ProReiki – der Berufsverband e.V.”, in German. Dieter... More
2 May 2013 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
"Let Reiki be the teacher. Reiki gives us health, happiness, and long life." These are the words from Hawayo Takata. In August 2009, Phyllis found that she had a tumor in her breast that was cancer. This started a long process of treatment both on a physical level and also on the emotional level. There were many issues around caring for herself and having the courage to make difficult decisions that supported this care. In March 2013, Phyllis found that the cancer has reappeared in her... More
25 Apr 2013 - Lisa Saylan
Lisa Saylan
A woman who knows who she is, Lisa has known of her gifts since she was a child. Having supportive parents, she was able to explore herself and come to Reiki with an open heart. Her path has lead her to Phoenix, to her present master, and to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). There she has found a community that meets her values and embraces her work with Reiki and her Reiki gift of being in contact with ascended masters. A dedicated student of Reiki and life, Lisa tells her ... More
18 Apr 2013 - Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson
Peter and Barbara Robinson were introduced to Reiki in Spain through a story filled with coincidences. These coincidences became the beginning of a journey for Barbara and Peter that lead them to the United States, back to Spain and then to their home country, England. Barbara's transition three years ago has set her free from constant pain. Peter tells their story with all the love and appreciation of their soul connection. His present active participation in the The Reiki Association of... More
11 Apr 2013 - Kathy Melcher
Kathy Melcher
Kathy came into contact with Reiki through her husband, Frank Coppieters. Her Reiki story is inspirational for those who have had experience of addictive behaviors. The courage and determination to turn her life around was supported by her Reiki practice and by the community in which she lived. A dedicated psychiatric social worker, Kathy uses the richness of her life to support others in their journey of connection to the human spirit, which she so beautifully radiates. More