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20 Feb 2014 - Patricia Warren
Patricia Warren
When I introduced Patricia on the show, I said I hadn't met her! But after the interview, she reminded me that we met twenty years ago at a Masters' Intensive in Germany! This was in 1993 and the period of time where we were both starting to travel to Russia and teach. It is a crossing of paths that is occurring now as well…..twenty years later. Patricia's story comes from the early 1980's when the world was very different….only a few Reiki masters had been initiated, there was no interne... More
6 Feb 2014 - Barbara Matsuura
Barbara Matsuura
Encore Show! As we move into a series of interviews with masters, we start with Barbara who has blended her American upbringing and a Japanese nature. When Barbara moved to Japan in 1981, she moved into a form of Kabuki Theatre which took advantage of her ballet background. After an accident compromised the use of her thumb, she searched for something to assist in healing her thumb 100% and found Reiki. Barbara brings her no nonsense approach to the world of metaphysics in many ways. Her ... More
30 Jan 2014 - Sara Martinez
Sara Martinez
Sara came to Reiki many years ago…but this was not a compatible form of Reiki for her. As she received a diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer, she was drawn to the house she walked by every day to and from work. This was the house of the Communidad Reiki Integridad. Since this reconnection with Reiki, her life has blossomed and the treatment of her cancer has been successful on many levels. A lovely story of community, reconnection, and healing. Interpretation by Gisela Bintana. More
24 Jan 2014 - Gisela Bintana
Gisela Bintana
Gisela came to Reiki to find healing on different levels. She found a welcoming community and has become a primary person in this community. As we spoke, the condition of her country, Argentina, came up. What is the impact of the practice of Reiki on the culture of Argentina? On the nature and place of women? The questions are not just applicable to Argentina….but to all of us. A thoughtful and compassionate woman, Gisela, shares her view points. Healing comes in many ways, on many le... More
16 Jan 2014 - Miguel Angel Sotes
Miguel Angel Sotes
A story that started with a question from Miguel: There must be something else, what is it? In 1989, he was studying a course in Medicine and became dissatisfied. After searching for a few years, he found his answer. Reiki. His search for internal congruency lead him to different masters and finally to a form of practice into which he could put his passion and dedication. Many years later, he and his community that formed Asociacion Reiki Integridad are thriving, providing service to t... More
9 Jan 2014 - Joanna Scaparotti
Joanna Scaparotti
The first interview of 2014 is an inspiring one…. Joanna has taken herself to Business School for an MBA in order to answer some of her questions about the future of her Reiki practice. Having been lead to Reiki, having taken her time to deepen her involvement in Reiki and teaching, and having had courage to start a Healing Center, she is stepping out, leaning in, and is having challenging dreams. Can she serve the public, her Reiki practice, and her spiritual path by offering a way for Rei... More
1 Jan 2014 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
The story of my year 2013 is folded into a narrative with the theme of "having a pure heart." This concept of a pure heart is expressed in the song Calon Lân that is sung by Only Boys Aloud, a Welsh choir that I found on Utube when listening to various choirs instead of reading at night. This is the link for the lyrics of the song, the translation into English, and a version of the song:ân-pure-heart.html (you can also find out more about the group on other... More
26 Dec 2013 - Christy Carl
Christy Carl
Christy was one of the lucky people in Salem Oregon to attend a class of Hawayo Takata's in 1980….just shortly before Takata Sensei died in December of that year. Christy stayed with her journey, deepening her dedication to Reiki. In the mid 1990's, her Reiki path became a part of a transformational journey involving the birth of her son and the advent of her healing journey of cancer, along with being initiated as a master. Her seven years of healing became a source of strength, develop... More
19 Dec 2013 - Ann Brum
Ann Brum
Ann Brum comes to us from the Azores by way of Boston! Since knowing Ann, I have been looking up the Azores on my map quest and finding out more about these islands that I didn't know existed! Brought to Reiki through a search for "something" after her father's early death, she has dedicated her life to serving those who reach out for Reiki as well as those who, like her, are looking for something and don't realize it is Reiki! Her stories border on the mystic and leave the listener waitin... More
12 Dec 2013 - Kelly Tammaro
Kelly Tammaro
Kelly Tammaro's story is a very familiar one…..first having a treatment without connecting to Reiki, then another one years later when she did have "effects" and then the timing was right and she was compelled to take a Reiki class. Her path has been in the service of others. In the last 5 years she has been working with a hospice care provider in and around Boston MA. Her clarity about volunteerism and the role of Reiki providers in hospice will serve those of you who are interested in pr... More
5 Dec 2013 - Karen Pischke
Karen Pischke
In 1998, after having a profound experience when receiving Reiki at a Wellness Conference, Karen was dedicated to Reiki. Combining this with her profession of nursing, Karen was in the right place at the right time to introduce Reiki into hospitals in the Boston Massachusetts area. She went on to her master level of training in order to add substance to her growing practice in hospitals. Karen shares her concerns about the lapse of enthusiasm for Reiki in the hospitals now and the discussi... More
28 Nov 2013 - Salini Teri Apodaca
Salini Teri Apodaca
Salini was 9 years old when her mother, Layla Atkinson, discovered Reiki and invited Hawayo Takata into their home to teach classes. The relationship between Salini and Hawayo Takata grew as her mother continued to organize classes at least twice a year for ten plus years. With a solid foundation of trust in the benefits of Reiki for physical, mental and emotional traumas, Salini experienced the magic of Reiki moving through 5 major crises in her life, calling on Reiki to transform her. Hav... More
21 Nov 2013 - Ben Haggard
Ben Haggard
In October 2011, Ben Haggard was interviewed for two consecutive shows. This is the second of these encore shows. The first was rebroadcast on October 17 2013, two years after the original interview. I am running these again because Ben has been active in the Reiki community and has been supporting the RFI in their development to manifest Reiki Home. This year his presence as a Resource has been bearing fruit. After years of conversations and meetings, we are finally getting what he was ... More
7 Nov 2013 - Dr. Elizabeth Ann Hutchinson
Dr. Elizabeth Ann Hutchinson
Ann Hutchinson starts her Reiki story from her childhood with her unique voice. She traces her deep wish from childhood to serve others, to relieve their pain, and to heal. This wish brought her to medical school 50 years ago. When the quality of her medical practice was compromised by the regulations in the UK, she opted to take a medical herbal course and came back to being with her patients in the way she wanted. Reiki has come to Ann in the last years, shifting the quality of her pra... More
31 Oct 2013 - Joop Teggelove
Joop Teggelove
Joop's story of his Reiki life and the development of his work at his Healing Center is a wonderful example of how a person can find their destiny. A busy business man, Joop transformed his life on many levels as he followed his intuition. He found Reiki, then found Byron Katie and her Work, and then found the art of singing bowls. The three art forms join together to give Joop a way to assist people in finding themselves and in healing their lives. Steady, clear, and full of heart, Joop live... More
17 Oct 2013 - Ben Haggard
Ben Haggard
encore show Permaculture, sustainability, and regenerative process. What do these concepts have to do with community? And with the Reiki community? How can we use this gift of Reiki to serve the earth and all living things? Ben Haggard has been a deep resource for the Reiki community through his work with Phyllis Furumoto. One of the events that has arisen out of this conversation is Reiki for a Better World. There are two of these events scheduled over the next 6 months. These are a c... More
10 Oct 2013 - Stephen Buck
Stephen Buck
Stephen Buck, writing as Kiyo Takahashi This story is full of challenge, honesty, and willingness to take the next step of healing. Buck had resistance to attend the Reiki classes but did anyway. His healing challenge arose when he went homeless and was forced to confront the "dark night of the soul." Reiki brought him out and has given him another way to live his life. Expressing himself through writing, he found another way to trace his path in Reiki while helping others do the same.... More
3 Oct 2013 - Vibhavan
In 1984 Tom Fisher went on a journey to find what was missing in his life, even though he had accomplished the American dream success story. He felt something deep was missing in his life. He emerged Vibhavan, a devotee of Osho and a dedicated Reiki student… and later on a devotee of Prem Baba. His life journey has allowed him to follow his path with passion, in being part of the Osho community, Prem Baba's community and as a Reiki Master. Articulate and passionate, his commitment to havi... More
26 Sep 2013 - Rosemary Neff and Dot Patteson
Rosemary Neff and Dot Patteson
The last of the interviews from the Northwest Reiki Gathering Community that meets in Oregon every second weekend of August. Next year will be the 30th anniversary of this gathering. Rosemary and Dot are part of the stability of the gathering. Dot has attended all of them, and Rosemary since she started her practice in 1985. The two of them give a clear impression of what community has offered to them as individuals and as members of a Reiki community. Rosemary is now on her mastery p... More
19 Sep 2013 - Gary Viehdorfer
Gary Viehdorfer
Gary's story starts back in 1980 and winds through time and travels on both inner and outer roads, until we come to the present. His journey of life, Reiki, and following his bliss gives all of us a chance to look at our Reiki journey and see the times of decision, of crossroads, and of inspiration. Community runs through his story and culminates with his involvement with the NW Reiki Gathering in Oregon. More