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11 Nov 2010 - Charlotte Bessels
Charlotte Bessels
Healing and Curing. This topic was a perfect fit for my interview with Charlotte Bessels. Living in the Netherlands, she was a nurse and a nurse instructor, then she moved into a program that would give her work more emphasis on healing, and there she found Reiki. It is best to hear the rest yourself as she moves into her own experience of healing; through to the experience of the ultimate lightness of being. More
4 Nov 2010 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Healing and Curing. These two words bring up all kinds of responses and reactions from people. In the many discussions I have had with students of Reiki all over the world, each culture has their own understanding of healing and curing. I have been trying to put these many nuances together to have a complete definition and therefore a brilliant answer for some of the questions I am asked! However, after all these years, this complete definition has not I am going to leave it t... More
28 Oct 2010 - Elena Znamenskaya
Elena Znamenskaya
Elena was in the first class of Fokke Brink when he opened the teaching of Reiki in Moscow in 1990. This was the beginning of a wave of opening that spread throughout Russia and the former USSR. Elena's recollections, sharing of the changing times, and her part in the story of Reiki in Russia brings us closer to being able to imagine what life is like in a country that has been shaped in our minds by the press and other sources of stories. Reiki came into Russia and touched the hearts and sp... More
21 Oct 2010 - Irina Malinina
Irina Malinina
Just at the first snow fall this year Irina and I found ourselves talking together of mastery and the gifts of her journey. No matter where in the world the word Reiki is spoken, sometimes it falls on the ears of someone who says, "This is for me!" This happened with Irina. With determination to follow the path, she went on to Second Degree and Mastery. Her sharing of the changes within, the awareness of the spiritual journey, and the humor of knowing there is no choice sometimes, makes this ... More
14 Oct 2010 - Bettyne Stafford
Bettyne Stafford
Born and raised in India, Bettyne brings this cultural dynamic to her understanding of Mastery. Bettyne gives us a stimulating and touching discussion that includes all of her living. Her humor and wit sprinkles the hour with smiles, while her depth of understanding will touch your heart. It is often said that mastery is living as though all is important and without attachment. What a beautiful example of this in action. More
7 Oct 2010 - Marta Getty
Marta Getty
One of the first masters initiated after the death of Hawayo Takata, Marta has been steadily teaching Reiki and traveling extensively. She has primarily taught overseas and this gives her a perspective of the practice that not many masters carry. Her experiences of many cultures has lead her to deeply connect to the similarities of all cultures while celebrating the differences. This is a bridging interview to the next theme of the radio show, "mastery in life." Marta shares how being a maste... More
30 Sep 2010 - Kandy Brandt
Kandy Brandt
Kandy had a great connection with the former USSR from childhood. This reappeared as she followed her path through Reiki and her early teaching years. Her experiences in Russia and many of the former USSR countries has given her a deeper appreciation for the cultures into which she immersed herself. The return to the United States has not been easy but there is also a teaching within this discomfort. Her wisdom and depth of understanding of this path is inspirational. More
23 Sep 2010 - Aleema Fontaine
Aleema Fontaine
Following the theme of teaching in different countries, Aleema recalls her experiences in teaching in her native Mexico and also in Los Angeles. Students in both places come to Reiki seeking a place of spiritual connection, however, the culture of each country varies. This affects the way the students see Reiki in their lives. A profound similarity also connects students, this is the understanding that they have found "home," an inner place of spiritual stillness. This was the gift that Ale... More
16 Sep 2010 - Ruth Wong Pine
Ruth Wong Pine
SPECIAL ENCORE! Reiki from a Chinese Point of View. Ruth Wong Pine joins us in exploring the concept of Reiki through the Chinese language. The Japanese language has been closely connected with the Chinese from perhaps 2000 years ago. In working from the Chinese language and concepts, Ruth’s point of view may give one a more full understanding of the language concept of Reiki as well as the energetic experience of Reiki, the energy. More
9 Sep 2010 - Chelsea Van Koughnett
Chelsea Van Koughnett
Chelsea was a traveling Reiki Master in the 1980's and 1990's. Many of us traveled, teaching as we followed the call of Reiki. Her story is typical of the times and inspiring in its diversity. As she followed the thread of Reiki down to South America, through the United States, and back to Canada, her understanding of life, of human nature, and of the incredible magic of connection through Reiki grew and grew. Now she is taking time to apply this to her home life in her long time Canadian hom... More
2 Sep 2010 - Beatrice von Schlick
Beatrice von Schlick
One of the facets of Mastery in Reiki is teaching. Teaching classes allow a master to touch the cultural norms and sensitives of students. Often this is a gift to the master as well as a curiosity, resulting in a deeper understanding of the students, their outer world, and the direct impact on their inner world. Beatrice has an unusual combination of living in Germany and being French. Her personal story has been touched by the chance to teach in both countries. It seems that Reiki touches us... More
26 Aug 2010 - Melanie Hoffstead
Melanie Hoffstead
A dynamic personality, Melanie gives us a most personal sharing as she traces her Reiki journey with stories. The stories abound with "coincidences," moments of "seizing the day", and the magic of Reiki. Melanie's family's healing weaves through the stories of how she was lead to Hungary, Israel, Germany, and Poland. Melanie's journey with Reiki takes her through many expressions of creativity and she shares this with others in her creative workshops. More
19 Aug 2010 - Rahel Warshaw-Dadon
Rahel Warshaw-Dadon
Rahel, originally from the US, has lived in Jerusalem, Israel since 1979. Because conventional medicine had no answers for her, in 1987, she started looking for an alternative. In 1991 she finally discovered Reiki, but four more years passed before she found a Reiki Master and took First Degree training. In 2000, Rahel was initiated as a Reiki Master and in 2003 she and her students founded the Israeli non-profit organization Reiki for Peace. More
12 Aug 2010 - Fokke Brink
Fokke Brink
Fokke Brink was initiated in 1987 during the time when most Reiki Masters traveled extensively to teach. It was not necessary but the demand was so strong and the intrigue of being called to different countries and cultures was irresistible. He took it a step further and lived in a mobile home for five years, traveling throughout Europe with his beloved partner, Maria. He describes it as being a 24 hour/7 days a week exercise in living Reiki and its principles. The lessons of the journey, inc... More
5 Aug 2010 - Helga Artner
Helga Artner
Helga joined her love of Turkey and its exotic culture with her passion for Reiki. For 12 years she has taught and practiced Reiki in Turkey without noticing the possible barriers of culture, religious practice, and governmental regulations. She just simply did what she needed to do! And the value of Reiki has shown itself over and over to her students and community both in Turkey and Austria, her homeland. More
29 Jul 2010 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Unfortunately, no show this week. Due to server problems there is not going a show “today”. Next Thursday I will come back to you. Sorry for this. Phyllis More
22 Jul 2010 - Tekla Eichhorn
Tekla Eichhorn
In searching for interesting research papers, I only had to look on my own desk! Tekla had just sent me her Master's thesis in Cultural Anthropology. She was interested in the "culture" of Reiki and if it made a difference to the society of the people involved. On one hand, she found there was a difference but the difference was not as great as we, in the Reiki community, would like or envision. There were many contradictions of language and behavior that perhaps could be attributed to the hu... More
15 Jul 2010 - Angela Zellner with Isabella Petri
Angela Zellner with Isabella Petri
Angela and Isabella are scientists with a desire to explore the questions that many Reiki students and masters have. Is there a difference between the initiations for First Degree, Second Degree, and Master? Can a scientific measurement tell if a person has been initiated in a certain form or practice of Reiki? Is there a difference between the energy of Reiki and other healing energies? What is the nature of Reiki as an energy? Through a series of circumstances, Angela and Isabella have b... More
8 Jul 2010 - Ann Baldwin
Ann Baldwin
In this second interview, we are privileged to hear Ann's description of her two published experiments, her motivations, and the understandings that came out of the experiments. The experiments were not focused on whether Reiki worked, per se, but on the effect of Reiki, using Reiki as a tool or a part of the experiments. Through the internet, these articles are available on the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine web site, Volume 12, Number 1, 2006 and Vo... More
1 Jul 2010 - Ann Baldwin
Ann Baldwin
This series of shows is beginning with two interviews with Ann Baldwin, PhD, physiologist, and Reiki Master. She is now engaged in research studies with the University of Arizona in Tucson. Through her work, she met a Reiki student and eventually become one herself. As it is with Reiki, she progressed along a path of mastery. In a natural flow, both of her passions have come together in the completion of two published experiments using Reiki. Having a bit of resistance to speaking the words r... More