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23 Jan 2015 - Phyllis Furumoto with Collene Delaney
Phyllis Furumoto with Collene Delaney
History and Story part II It seems that when we, as human beings, get stuck between two "truths" there seems to be no way out! This time Collene and Phyllis explore the ways that History and Story can enhance each other.....and the expression of oral tradition as history and story. This becomes an idea session for the Reiki Talk Show and a creative burst of energy happens! The practice of holding the creative force, stimulates excitement and a future for the Talk Show! More
15 Jan 2015 - Phyllis Furumoto with Collene Delaney
Phyllis Furumoto with Collene Delaney
History and Story. This is the theme of the interview this week with Collene interviewing Phyllis! Recently Phyllis has been engaged in archiving her Grandmother and Master's papers and photos with the assistance of Paul and Susan Mitchell, Justin Stein, and Robert Fueston. This has brought up many questions about the books and papers being written based on research of the story that Hawayo Takata told to her students. The first conversation of a series, Collene brings in some of the aspects... More
1 Jan 2015 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
A New Year slips in ... and another year has become memories. Hallelujah! Praise the Creator who set the cycles in motion. We were cast on the shores of this earth to experience the cycles of nature: the tidal rise and fall, the sun rising and setting, the days and nights, and our living and dying. How this has all come to be is the mystery that holds everything together in spirit. Reiki brings us closer and closer to our life cycle and to our authentic place in the natural order. May this ... More
13 Nov 2014 - Dr. Ranga Premaratna PhD
Dr. Ranga Premaratna PhD
Ranga and I met almost 20 years ago in Australia, then again in 2008 at the Reiki Australia Conference. Throughout this time, Ranga's practice has taken shape and substance as mine has also. This 90 minute show is a gift. His story is magical, his wisdom and understanding of the nature of Reiki is profound, and his acceptance of humanness is sweet. As the only known Master of Reiki Jin Kei Do he relies on the profundity of his experience to confirm the relationship that he had with his mas... More
7 Aug 2014 - Paul D. Mitchell
Paul D. Mitchell
Paul Mitchell was initiated by Hawayo Takata in 1979. Part of his calling as a master expresses in his support of the global Reiki Community through his co-facilitation of events with Phyllis Furumoto as well as those he offers himself. His perspective of the practice is often influenced by his contemplative and philosophical nature. This conversation weaves on and off the edge of "things that can be articulated." What is the call of Reiki now? What are its steps of development that are o... More
31 Jul 2014 - Robert Fueston
Robert Fueston
The Radio show is into its 8th year now! And the interviews over the last few months have aroused some interesting comments. Keep them coming! Robert has been interviewed before on the show because of his interest in putting together a complete and accurate history of the 22 masters initiated by Hawayo Takata. His perspective of cosmology arises out of his natural gifts of bringing details together to form a story. A librarian by education and heart and a Reiki master through following hi... More
24 Jul 2014 - Justin Stein
Justin Stein
Justin is back! And we are speaking about the cosmology of Reiki. What is it? Does it exist? And if it does, what are some of the vital elements. As usual, Justin has penetrating insights and provocative questions. His research into the history of Reiki for his doctoral thesis is progressing. His time in Japan studying the language and also becoming a part of the Japanese Reiki community, enhances his scope of vision and his development as a practitioner of Reiki. More
10 Jul 2014 - Frank Coppieters and Kathy Melcher
Frank Coppieters and Kathy Melcher
The conversation of cosmology continues with Kathy and Frank from Portland Oregon. Frank introduces briefly the work of Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey and how this relates to our path in Reiki. He and Kathy both speak of myth and the inherent tendency of human beings to create myth and the influence of myth on the creation of the self. Reiki allows us to have numinous experiences, which means the experience being in the presence of divinity. A cosmology of Reiki would need to inc... More
3 Jul 2014 - Aziza Shadieva Mirzakarim
Aziza Shadieva Mirzakarim
In 2006 Aziza came to Reiki. At the time she was living in Uzbekistan, a country in which everything that is not Muslim is against the law and was in an unhappy marriage. She had the courage to take Reiki, to eventually divorce her husband, and to move to Almaty Kazakhstan. After a year of trying out different occupations, she decided to bring Organic to Kazakhstan. She and her partner have started with different types of soap products, clothing, and cosmetics. Her desire to be a part of the... More
26 Jun 2014 - Anand (Ilya Chentzov)
Anand  (Ilya Chentzov)
In exploring the idea of cosmology or world view of Reiki as a spiritual practice, Anand was willing to share his personal world view. He has practiced Reiki for almost thirty years. In this time many waves of development have occurred. Perhaps we are coming closer to understanding some of the unanswered questions of our relationship with Reiki. Within Anand's world view are seven planes: Physical, Energetic/Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Fire, Bodhi, and Nirvana. Join us in our exploration o... More
23 Jun 2014 - Margarita Kasyanova
Margarita Kasyanova
Margarita came to Reiki as many people do…through an issue with her own health. Through her practice of Reiki and support from her Reiki colleagues, her health came to a place where she could fulfill her calling to mastery in 1998. During the last years, she has been interested in many aspects of the practice and shares the ones that are very recent….from the last few days! Her previous research collected 1000 Reiki miracle stories. These stories and her own experiences of Reiki have give... More
5 Jun 2014 - Juergen Kindler and Peter Mascher
Juergen Kindler and Peter Mascher
The second part of the conversation from last week, the topics seem to touch all of us deeply. There are moments of filled silence that speak as loudly as our voices. This topic of exploring the Reiki cosmology is one that is becoming richer and more interesting with each show. Peter and Juergen bring their years in Reiki and their thoughtfulness to this topic. More
29 May 2014 - Juergen Kindler and Peter Mascher
Juergen Kindler and Peter Mascher
During the ProReiki Conference I asked these two Reiki Masters if they would be willing to explore "a cosmology of Reiki". They decided they would and we made an appointment! Both long time Masters and both very active in the German Reiki Community, they spark each other in the interview and the result is a conversation that lasted two hours. We were all very touched and excited by our conversation. Honoring each other, recognizing similarities, and accepting differences, they bow to e... More
15 May 2014 - Don Alexander
Don Alexander
Don Alexander has been in the Reiki World for many decades. He brings to the show his many years of experience, his wisdom gathered from his long life, and his lovely sense of humor. In his late 20's, Don sought the wisdom in the mountains in the Far East. He spent many years at the "feet" of Buddhist teachers who supported him in entering meditation and contemplation in the mountains. He was drawn to the story of Mikao Usui and his mountain experience. We speak of many things … and the key ... More
24 Apr 2014 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
On my Facebook page a student wrote: Dear a reiki practitioner .....could you please answer a question for me. Is Reiki a sect of Buddhist practice....or a healing art? Many Japanese friends...because of being from Japan....tell me that their understanding has been that Reiki is a religion. Is it separate from Buddhism... Or is it a form of Buddhism? This question was so intriguing that I wanted to respond to it by talking not writing! So I have responded to this question. ... More
17 Apr 2014 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
Cosmology comes from the Greek language meaning the study of the origin, the evolution and finally the fate of the universe. When applied to Reiki, I see that there is a line of thought and understanding that is arising from the millions of people that are practicing some form of Reiki today. I shared the part of my thought and understanding that I received from my teachings with Hawayo Takata and then were expanded by my experiences. I am asking for a conversation about this in this reiki... More
3 Apr 2014 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
This is an encore show from November 2012 and was a step in my process of opening to the calling of Reiki. At the end of my tour of South America, I was privileged to speak to a group of about 100 students and masters in Santiago Chile. The topic question was "What is the future of Reiki?" Combining many of my main themes, I was able to communicate moving from being self referenced to including the world community, moving from being a helper and a fixer to being of service, and moving into... More
28 Mar 2014 - Phyllis Furumoto
Phyllis Furumoto
In the 1980's, many new age slogans were going around the community such as "We are all One" "We are all connected" "Connect to the Earth as if it were your mother." These fell into the category of slogans because she did not have experience of oneness and connection to give life to these phrases, making them more than slogans. Now, after 35 years of practice, Phyllis has a depth of experience to make the these phrases into statements. With the acceptance of the statements comes the que... More
6 Mar 2014 - Walter Luebeck
Walter Luebeck
In 1987, Walter Luebeck found Reiki. His story is one of sweet miracles, not uncommon in Reiki. Reiki nourished his soul in ways that moved him to keep practicing. The more he practiced and experienced the connection of Reiki, the more he learned about life, about being human, and about the ever expanding universe in which he lives. He values giving the joy of discovery to the student as well as the movement in the Reiki community to come together in the "oneness of Reiki." More
27 Feb 2014 - Audrey Devdasi Pearson
Audrey Devdasi Pearson
Meeting people over the internet has become the norm lately! It is great for the show because I am meeting people with whom connection any other way most likely would not happen! Audrey came into my Facebook page and into our show. I was drawn to her sharing about Gendai Reiki and her Lineage of Hiroshi Doi Sensei a member of Usui Sensei's original Japanese Reiki Lineage. Though the show is not a place to really go into the practice details, it was wonderful to have the chance to hear her... More